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Historical Wines

Our historic wines are more than just delicious:

They are wines with a special and unique story


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Special Reserve Port

This special blend is composed of as many as four young ports; as could have been made in the 18th century. The bottle of this Historical Wine also harks back to old examples. Both the shape and the lettering revive the 18th century port bottle.

VOC Monbazilllac

Our wine bottle is an exact replica of the bottles from the VOC ship ‘The Amsterdam’. Molds were made from the original bottles and now the bottles are blown again. Just like in 1747, we fill them with a white, noble-sweet Monbazillac.

Le Jonc Blanc

Present your friends with a glass of red wine before you sit down to dine’. This red Bergerac also found its way to the VOC ships. Crates of bottles of wine were brought on board, destined for the higher ranking officers and rich merchants.

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Wine, a precious shipload

The United East India Company – the ‘VOC’ (1602-1800) had “rooms” (offices) in Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam, Hoorn, Middelburg and Enkhuizen. This first “multinational” in the world controlled trade with the Far East. With trading posts in India, Ceylon, Bengal, Siam, Japan and Africa, the VOC also played a role in the cultural exchange between different countries and played an important role in the history of the Netherlands.


 From almost all of Europe the VOC exported goods to the Far East: copper from Germany, iron nails from Belgium, cloth from Holland, steel from Sweden, hemp and tar from Russia, mercury from England, and wine from France. This wine was mainly traded by French Huguenots who fled to the Netherlands in 1685. They settled in Amsterdam, among other places, and took their knowledge of the wine trade with them. Among them were wine merchants from Bergerac, who were already selling wines from that region to the VOC.



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